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Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullah!

I have been writing poetry for the past 65 years and my mission in life is to bring happiness to my fellow human beings who have been through life's ups and downs and wish to release their stress by reading my books, watching my DVDs or Video Streams on the internet, listening to my CDs or by watching me perform live on stage.

By the Grace Of God and the prayers of so many of my fans, I have been able to perform live on stage shows in the United States Of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sultanate Of Oman etc. apart from performing in my home country - India. I hope to continue to regale and keep everyone happy with my poetry and request one and all to continue to pray for me in order that even at this age I would be able to do my service to mankind.

Thank you for visiting my website which I hope to keep current with new video streams and news about myself.

Love you all......


Khamakha Hyderabadi (Ghouse M Ahmed)

This website is still under development. InshAllah keep visiting for more updates...